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The Edge has Bolwell’s DNA. Combining a long history designing and building tough truck bodies with the development of high performance sports cars and years of experience in aerospace bonding technologies.

The Edge’s body has the same robust construction and engineering as that Kenworth’s you’ll pass on your way to Broome.

Why? Because since the 1980s, Bolwell has built cabins, hoods, fairings and many other components for an estimated 30,000 Kenworth trucks. These bodies travel an average of 300,000 km or 15 times around Australia every year.

The Edge is lightweight, aerodynamic and rides easily on Bolwell’s SureFoot® independent trailing arm suspension, making it stable, safe and economical to tow. Its Endura-Core® reinforced composite construction and transport grade finish make it as tough as it is good looking.

The Edge does not rely on rivets and screws to hold it together. The body is bonded, creating an extremely strong, one piece waterproof structure. The pivoting roof is the same

Bolwell is new to caravans and probably to you, the caravan user.

We happen to think this is a good thing for both of us. Here’s why:

The caravan business has been around for a long time and we feel that it has become a little tired, sticking with old habits and ways of doing things.

Being new to the industry we have brought with us a fresh approach and a new way of looking at it. We believe there is always a better way of doing something, making it perform better, be simple and easy to use, less expensive to own and more durable to wear and tear. And there’s no reason why a caravan shouldn’t look great and turn a
head or two along the way.

With The Edge, we have provided you with a cleverly designed caravan that proudly boasts rugged construction and will be affordable for you to own throughout its life.

We also look after you. We are able to do this because we have a great team of people who’ve spent a long time providing continuous, high level customer service to very demanding
industrial clients.

This same principle is applied to every product we manufacture and every customer we serve.
Yes, we’re new to caravans but we’ve been here almost 50 years.


  • Lightweight and aerodynamic
  • Surprisingly spacious
  • Heavy Duty engineered body and chassis
  • Bolwell Endura-Core® reinforced impact zones
  • Tough urethane stone chip protection
  • Personal security steel mesh reinforced door
  • Bolwell SureFoot® independent trailing arm suspension with anti-sway bar
  • Foam Core Insulation

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